How SuperHive helped create 1800 connections within a global community.

Key facts

Community: Sandbox
Launched: 2020
Members: 1000+ members
Engagement: 90% of messages get answered
Messages per Edition: 6

The Challenge

Prior to SuperHive, staying connected with members worldwide proved challenging for Sandbox community due to the limitations of existing platforms and the low engagement of new tools, resulting in high-impact requests getting lost and siloed.

The Outcome

SuperHive successfully addressed this challenge by providing an email-based solution that requires no new account signups, facilitating 145 editions, 2500 posts, and over 1800 connections among Sandbox members, leading to serendipitous connections, valuable resources, business opportunities, and personal growth within the community.

Sandbox is a global community that has been active since 2008. With members from over 100 countries, it aims to catalyse individual and collective change for its members who work on global impact efforts across various fields such as politics, arts, AI, technology, academics, science, and more.

One of the biggest challenges that Sandbox faces is staying connected with its members worldwide. While local retreats and global summits are effective in bringing members together in person, staying connected outside of these events has been a struggle due to the ever-changing landscape of community engagement and communication tools.

Sandbox gathering

Although tools such as Facebook groups and WhatsApp chats have been effective for rapid communication within the local hubs, connecting with the Sandbox community globally to access their abundant support has proven to be challenging. In short: these platforms were experienced as either under or overwhelming, while other tools like Slack and Discord never picked up due to their sign-up requirement and lack of critical mass of members. Members do connect on a variety of WhatsApp groups, but their continuous, conversational nature meant high-impact requests often got lost and were siloed in specific local or interest group channels.

To address this challenge, SuperHive was developed with the intention to allow members to connect over high-impact asks and offers without requiring any new account signup or platform.

SuperHive inbox
SuperHive enables Sandbox to create a regular weekly ritual of connecting. As the entire experience is email based, there is no challenges around adoption or engagement. So far, Sandbox has sent out 145 editions, created 2500 posts (shares, asks, and offers), and created more than 1800 connections among members.

As Anna, SuperHive's community leader for Sandbox, shares: "I've been blown away by the way SuperHive has brought our community together. People have found business partners, new career paths, couches to crash on when they're traveling the world, and simply made new friends! We've supported each other through tough times and celebrated each other's successes. And as the community leader, I love how quick and easy it is to create and send out a weekly edition – it literally takes less than a minute."

We also have received a lot of excitement from Sandbox community members from all over the world:

Jonathan avatar image

"“I found incredible resources and inspiration from a handful of folks to accelerate my next step in higher education!"

- Jonathan, Mexico

Tobias avatar image

"SuperHive continuously enables those serendipitous connections within the community that have led to new clients, new connections, new ideas, more business, problems solved, and friends made. In each case, it wouldn't have happened without SuperHive"

- Tobias, Germany

Naomi avatar image

"Through SuperHive I connected an architect - who specialized in a specific mental health disorder- to a Sandboxer who needed exactly her profile: SuperHive helped me to help someone else! SuperHive also helped me to get in touch with various people over different interests and needs: coaching, communities, podcasts..."

- Naomi, France

Dan avatar image

"SuperHive became the go-to portal in our Sandbox community for valuable information, contacts or opportunities"

- Dan, USA

Khuyen avatar image

"It has helped me match two dear friends to a beautiful and lucrative collaboration"

- Khuyen, Vietnam

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