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Let your community easily share and respond to member needs, asks and offers - directly from their inbox.


Supercharge your community engagement.

Community engagement tools can be overwhelming. Keeping up with Slack or Discord messages, endless WhatsApp groups, or reply-all threads makes it hard for all but your most active members to find what they came for: connection.

SuperHive unlocks meaningful peer-to-peer connection and support by meeting your community members where they already are: In their inbox.
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"SuperHive catches the attention of members who haven’t been as strongly engaged with us lately. We see it creating new collaborations across members who haven’t been in touch before."

- Niklas Marzinek, Falling Walls

Create more opportunities for your community, without creating more work.

SuperHive cuts through the noise, notifications, messages and app-switching to offer one simple, interactive email-based tool that triggers real-time member engagement directly from their email.

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Works while you sleep

Members submit community-wide asks & offers, and respond directly to each other, building your newsletter content for you.
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Skip the accounts

No logins & apps needed. Members engage directly via their inbox with one-click submissions through SuperHive’s smart newsletter technology.
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Find your super connectors

Track connections in real-time. See who your most active community contributors are, what asks are being unmet, and how members are supporting each other.

Accelerate serendipity

Turn peer-to-peer sharing into a supportive community habit that significantly increases member engagement, direct connections, and network value.

How It Works

Create a culture of support in your community.

Collect member asks & offers, directly from their inbox.

Help your members find what matters to them. Seamlessly source all your members’ asks, offers, and replies directly from SuperHive’s interactive email tool.


Publish in one minute.

Your SuperHive newsletter is automatically filled with all community asks and offers. Add an announcement, edit a post, or simply hit publish in 10 seconds flat. You retain as much control as you’d like.

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Connections create themselves.

When one member responds to another, both are instantly and automatically connected via email — direct intros without the effort, and no massive group threads.

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Dive deep into community insights.

A strong community needs thoughtful guidance. Support yours with key data and analytics generated from each SuperHive email and interaction.

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of member asks on SuperHive get a response.
average number of new 1:1 connections made per email.
of community members tend to engage with a SuperHive email via an ask, offer, or reply.
the average time to curate and send a weekly SuperHive email.

Trusted for communities, by communities

SuperHive is currently used by alumni networks, professional networks, incubators, fellowships, online courses, virtual programs, coworking spaces and communities across the globe who value peer-to-peer connections and crowdsourced knowledge.

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"I absolutely love SuperHive! It’s a super straightforward and engaging way to connect your community members, and add value to everyone."

- Inês Silva, Portuguese Women in Tech

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"...It helps us bring together our cohort of 150 practitioners on a global level - giving members the power to easily stay connected, share opportunities or ask for support. It is an extremely simple and practical tool for communities. Truly recommended!"

- Federico Ronca, World Economic Forum

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"We love Superhive because of its simplicity and power. It’s like the heartbeat of our community - an essential tool for automatically facilitating meaningful connections and peer-to-peer support among members, in between our live sessions."

- Eva-Maria and Karim, Founders, CultureDesign

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"SuperHive continuously enables those serendipitous connections within the community that have led to new clients, new connections, new ideas, more business, problems solved, and friends made. In each case, it wouldn't have happened without SuperHive."

- Tobias, Sandbox Community Member

See how a 1000-member, global community succeeded with SuperHive

A real-life case study of a community that successfully addressed engagement challenges and paved the way for effortless and meaningful connections with high-impact outcomes.

Case Study

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We're happy to answer your questions!
SuperHive is a simple community contribution and engagement tool. Our interactive newsletter technology allows community members to post community-wide asks, offers, and opportunities all in one place - directly through their email.

Content curation happens automatically, and member connections happen directly one-on-one, with zero effort on the part of a community manager.
SuperHive is built on a new technology that allows readers to dynamically interact with, create, and reply to content directly in an email message.

Instead of your typical newsletter - a static bunch of text and buttons - it turns an email into a place where a reader can take action - interact, write, respond, or connect - directly from the email, without needing to log in elsewhere or leave their inbox. Though for the non-technical, we like to say it just “works like magic” :)
SuperHive is built for communities that value meaningful peer-to-peer relationships, and want to accelerate conversations and connections among their members.

We’re currently serving 50 communities globally, from alumni and professional networks to startup communities, incubators, fellowships, online courses and programs, coworking spaces, distributed digital networks and more.
Not necessarily! Mailchimp, for example, is a great tool for 1-to-many and top-down communications - announcements, updates, promotions and general community news.

SuperHive works best as a tool for independently connecting your members to each other by thoughtfully curating and organizing their immediate needs, requests, and offers to further collaboration and serendipity between members.

This means it’s in a whole other category for your community members - an email for them and by them, thus it co-exists well with any other email newsletters, promotions, or communications you’re sending out.
These tools are all valuable. However, non-stop, thread-based communication tools are either underwhelming or overwhelming for all except your most active community members. Notifications are toxic for your brain and your productivity, and having to constantly log-in to check messages or stay abreast of things is an effort.

SuperHive makes things remarkably simple, by directly connecting members where they already are - their inbox. By setting up SuperHive emails to go out weekly, bi-weekly, or at your desired tempo, you’re able to capture the immediate needs, asks, and offers of your members with a cadence that is predictable, creating anticipation and greater engagement. No logins. No platform switching. No complex community management. With the click of a button, you can turn community asks and offers into a supportive community habit that immediately amplifies the power of your network.
You can set custom logos, colors, and names for your newsletter. You can also add introduction or announcement sections above the main content. 100% of the content is coming from your members - their crowdsourced asks and offers - making it unique and irreplaceable for your community. We’re adding new features and customizations all the time - so keep checking back!
Every community is different, but the key is consistency! It takes consistency and predictability for your community members to build a habit of supporting each other. We recommend weekly or bi-weekly to start. This way, whenever a member has a need, offer, or opportunity to share, SuperHive will be top of mind as a way to find what they’re looking for - and get connected - quickly!

It's totally okay to have some editions of the newsletter with less content than others. In fact, it’s normal. Instead, members must know that the content they share is distributed regularly. This incentivizes people to regularly post requests, share offers, and answer questions!
Thank god, it’s not! 100% of SuperHive happens in your community’s inboxes - members can answer other members and get connected seamlessly, but also build the following email as they contribute with their asks and offers. It’s not a new social network; it simply creates a new channel for your existing network to connect more directly.
We are a globally distributed team of life-long community builders and technology enthusiasts. We constantly ask the question “how can technology truly enable more meaningful connections, rather than distract us from them?” We’ve been using SuperHive for years internally within our own communities, and feel strongly that it’s something other communities can and should benefit from!
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