Your community knows best

The future of your newsletter is your members. Let them do the talking and watch them connect.

SuperHive is the first community-led newsletter, with needs and opportunities automatically sourced from your members.
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Works while you sleep

Creating engaging community newsletters is now effortless. Members respond with their own updates, building your newsletter for you.
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Skip the accounts

There's no need for users to create an account - just add your list or share a subscribe link and your members are connected.
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Find your superusers

See who your community super connectors are, what asks are being unmet, and who is contributing to your community.

How It Works

Create a culture of support in your community.

Let your members share what matters to them.

Seamlessly connect all your members updates, asks, and offers from any SuperHive email.

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"I love that my community members can directly share what's relevant to them without any friction. It’s pure magic!"

Connections that create themselves

When one member responds to another, both are instantly connected — intros without the effort.

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"Being able to continue to conversation over email is easy and natural."
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Analytics that take you deep into your community

A strong community needs thoughtful guidance. Know how to support your crew with key insights.

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"Seeing unanswered posts is a huge help. I can jump on anything that needs attention."
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SuperHive is currently in private beta. Get in touch to get started.
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We're happy to answer your questions!
SuperHive is built for communities that value meaningful connections and want to distribute the conversation among their members. We’re currently serving 20 communities globally.
You can set custom logos, colors, and names for your newsletter. 100% of the content is coming from your members, making is unique and irreplaceable for your community.
Thank god, it’s not! 100% of SuperHive happens in your community’s email - members can answer other members and get connected seamlessly, but also build the following email as they contribute with their asks and offers.
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